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Need to ask for time off - Enter a request into the Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service System 

 In addition to requesting your time-off requests through this website, you are also able to view and change your demographic information, view pay information, W4 status, and the past two years of W2s!  
1.  The system is web-based and may be accessed from the Internet anytime and anywhere you have an Internet connection!  Please go to:   would suggest saving the website in your bookmarks and/or creating a shortcut on your desktop for ease of use.
2.  It is a very simple software package that integrates directly into ADS (our financial software package). It doesn't have a whole lot of "bells and whistles", however, it is used by many Maine School Units, it's reliable, and it is certainly much more efficient than what we have been using since 2009!
3.  Similar to our requisition/purchase order process, time off requests are subject to approval paths.  Generally speaking, these paths consist of immediate supervisor(s), the Superintendent's Secretary, and the Superintendent.  Your school secretary, is NOT in the approval path, but does have access to employee information from their portal.
4.  Please see the manual below for processing your time off requests.  Go ahead and login to the system and look around.  You may make changes to your demographic information, but please do not submit time off requests until your location has received training.  Group and/or 1:1 trainings will be provided over the next two weeks.  Once the training takes place, the old system will be inactivated and the new system will be used by all employees across the entire school district. (I'm doing a happy dance right now and so will you once you see how easy this system is!!!).
5.  You may use whatever Internet browser you prefer (Chrome, Safari, Explorer, Firefox...).  You may find that one browser works better than others for you and you may need to try a couple before you find the one for you!  FYI:  You will most likely need to allow pop-ups for the site.  Sessions do time out and please remember to log out.  Please do not share your user name and password with anyone.  
A number of us have been testing and using the system now for about a month.  It is very easy to use and we all have found it to be straightforward.  I welcome your input and feedback and will do my best to answer your questions and accommodate your suggestions.
Thank you!
Christine Alvarado, Executive Assistant
Regional School Unit No. 24
2165 US Highway One, Sullivan, ME 04664
Tel. (207) 422-2017, x101/Fax. 422-2029
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