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Misc Payroll Docs


Participation in direct deposit of your earnings is mandatory. A savings or checking account at a financial institution is all that is required for direct deposit.  Future changes can be made at anytime and the deadline to submit payroll information to include your changes in the next payroll is the Monday preceding payday no later than noon.  

The RSU operates on a bi-weekly pay calendar.  Teachers, administrators, and custodians, to name a few, are generally paid year round in twenty six payrolls, with hourly school year support staff such as bus driver and educational technicians generally are paid in twenty one payrolls.  The payroll calendar for the current year can be viewed below.
Almost all employees that are paid an hourly wage must use the time clock to record all work hours.  That includes teachers who have been approved to participate in RSU professional development outside the normal school day.  There are wall clocks at all of our locations and online access as well.  Instructions on wall and online time clock use can be viewed below.
When it is necessary to use a paper timesheet, please use the template below.