Regional School Unit 24

Upcoming Events

Holiday - Thanksgiving
Date: 11/27/2014
Personnel Committee Meeting
Date: 12/2/2014, 5:30 PM
Location: To be held at Sumner Memorial High School
RSU 24 Board of Directors Meeting
Date: 12/2/2014, 6:30 PM
Location: To be held at Sumner Memorial High School
Budget & Finance Committee
Date: 12/9/2014, 7 PM
Location: To be held at the Central Office
Facilities and Transportation Committee Meeting
Date: 12/16/2014, 5:30 PM
Location: To be held at Sumner Memorial High School
RSU 24 Board of Directors Meeting
Date: 12/16/2014, 6:30 PM
Location: To be held at Sumner Memorial High School
Educational Programming Committee Meeting
Date: 12/23/2014, 5:30 PM
Location: To be held at the Central Office
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News and Announcements

Strategic Planning Documents
Attached are draft strategic planning documents. Once the School Board officially approves the strategic plan and the goals, the final version will be posted on this website.
November 24 and 25 - District Professional Development Days (both days are district-wide)
It is that time of year again and our calendars are quickly flying by, page by page. We're finishing up the first ranking periods, and looking towards our first professional development opportunity.

Click on the title above to access the attachment where you will find the agenda, details, and plans for both days, November 24 and 25. As this day time has been planned strategically, I hope you look forward to it as much as we on the leadership team do. In general, it will be a critical time in district development of our proficiency based education (PBE) system. Conversations and actions from this PD will help move our district forward towards the K-12 PBE vision, and help shape PD for the rest of this year.
Peninsula Students give Presentation on Proficiency-based Education to the School Board (YouTube Link to Presentation Attached)
Principal Michael Eastman detailed Peninsula's strategic approach for implementation of proficiency-based education in the four content areas during the November 4th School Board meeting. The Board and attendees moved to a classroom where Marielle Edgecomb and her students gave a presentation and answered questions on what proficiency-based education looks like in their classroom. Students participating in the presentation were Alexis Hutchins, Ashley Church, Andrew Moshier, and Killian McLean. These students were enthusiastic and positive about proficiency-based education, and expressed how this has challenged them academically. Click on the title above to access their power-point detailing how proficiency-based education is implemented in their classroom.

Thank you to Mr. Eastman, Marielle Edgecomb and the Peninsula students for sharing this with us!
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Mission Statement

The mission of RSU 24 is educating students to be engaged, competent, life-long learners by ensuring opportunities to attain excellence.

Our Vision

Our School Climate and Culture includes
  • An environment that supports the physical and emotional health of all students and staff.
  • State-of-the-art facilities that are inviting and conducive to learning.
  • Support for students to meet academic and behavioral expectations that are clearly communicated and consistently enforced.
  • Caring and trusting relationships where differences are respected.
  • Visible recognition and celebration of success.

Our High Expectations of Teaching and Learning are demonstrated by
  • Common, rigorous and viable curriculum that meets the need of all students.
  • High quality teachers who inspire students, use data to inform instruction and continuously improve their craft.
  • Learning environments that challenge and promote high academic and behavioral standards for all.
  • An accountability system that is data driven and provides evaluative measures of teacher and student performance.
  • Providing multiple pathways to achieve mastery of standards and basic life skills.

Our Collaboration with our Communities is demonstrated through
  • All stakeholders (parents, students, staff, community and board) consistently work together and share resources to attain common goals.
  • Recognition that the RSU includes both the larger community and local schools with individual strengths, all of which benefit from each other.
  • Utilization of community resources RSU-wide including community agencies and students themselves.
  • An awareness that schools need the community as much as the community needs the schools.
  • Frequent, open, sustained communication with all stakeholders of the RSU.

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Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Documents are attached here.  Once the final version of the strategic plan is officially approved by the School Board it will replace the attached draft version.  
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