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 2017 Annual Benefits Open Enrollment Memo To Employees

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Open Enrollment for Payroll Benefits is in effect beginning May 19th, ending June 16th.  Open enrollment is the one time of the year when you may choose to join, or change, your membership status-no questions asked-in the following benefit plans:  Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, and Pre-Tax Benefits Plans (Sec. 125 Cafeteria Plan for Health and Dental Deductions, Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan, and Dependent Care Assistance Plan).  


Health & Vision Insurance

RSU No. 24 offers you choices from which you may select your health insurance coverage. Coverage is provided by the Maine Education Association Benefits Trust (MEABT) and you may choose among four Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield plans:  the Choice Plus Plan (a Point of Service Plan) or from three Standard Plans (Preferred Provider Organization Plans)


Premiums (These rates DO NOT include the employer paid benefit.)



Two Adults


Adult w/Child(ren)

MEA Choice Plus





MEA Standard Plan





MEA Standard 500





MEA Standard 1000






RSU 24 group rates, based on our modified experience for the past year, are increasing by 9.46% this year, while there are several benefit changes for 2017-2018, effective July 1st: 

Choice Plus Plan:

The referred level deductible will increase from $100 per individual to $200 per individual;

The referred level coinsurance limit (your 15% share of non-copay expenses) will increase from $700 per individual to $1000 per individual.

               Standard Plan:

The in-network coinsurance limit (your 15% share of non-copay expenses) will increase from $600 per individual to $1000 per individual;

A $25 specialist office visit copayment will be added to the plan;

The 4th quarter deductible carry-over provision will be removed from the plan.

               Standard 500 Plan:

A $30 specialist office visit copayment will be added to the plan;

The 4th quarter deductible carry-over provision will be removed from the plan.

Standard 1000 Plan:

A $30 specialist office visit copayment will be added to the plan;

The 4th quarter deductible carry-over provision will be removed from the plan.


Dental Insurance

The school unit offers participation in a dental plan through Maine School Management Association Dental Trust.  MSMA rates are three-tier:  Single, 2-Person and Family, with two orthodontia plans for dependents under the age of 19.  The benefit pays up to $1250 per calendar year (decreased from $1300), there is no waiting period, no provider network-you can go to any dentist in state or out, and benefits may be extended into retirement.  Monthly premiums range from $37.04 for a Single Plan to $135.39 to a Family Plan with Orthodontia Benefit.


If you are paid year-round, your health and dental insurance deductions will continue to be taken in 24 installments, the first and second payrolls of each month.  School year employees’ deductions will be taken in 20 equal installments.  These employee deductions will cover your share of health insurance premiums from July 1, 2017-June 30, 2018.  If you

voluntarily terminate your employment with the RSU; you are responsible for your share of prorated health insurance premiums.


Pre-Tax/Flexible Benefits Plans

We are continuing our partnership with Horace Mann to provide a program that offers our employees tax savings.    The first part of the plan, the Premium Only Plan, enrolls you in a plan to deduct your health and/or dental insurance deductions on a pre-tax basis, putting some of your hard earned pay back into your pocket.  With the completion of your Benefits Enrollment Checklist, new this year, employees are automatically enrolled in the Premium Only Plan.  The second part of the plan allows you to enroll in the Flexible Benefits Plan, which provides you the opportunity to pay for health and dental care and/or dependent care expenses with tax-free dollars, all with the added convenience of a debit card, online account access, and online purchases.  The medical reimbursement plan covers out-of-pocket costs for you, your spouse, and dependents up to the age of 26, such as the increased co-insurance amount, medical and pharmacy co-pays, optical expenses not covered by insurance, medically required equipment, and dental expenses not covered by insurance.   You may elect to contribute up to $2600 (increased from $2500) for the medical expense plan, and up to $5,000 for a dependent care plan.  The plan year begins on July 1, 2017 and ends June 30, 2018.  


There are certain IRS rules that should be given careful consideration:  expenses reimbursed through these plans may not be claimed as income tax deductions, you may not change your election status until the next plan year unless a family status change has taken place, and any money left in the accounts at the end of the plan year is forfeited.  Membership in these plans is optional.  If you decide to join, and you are subject to Social Security withholdings, it is important that you

understand that while you will save money by having your premium contributions deducted tax free; you may have slightly less money contributed to your Social Security Account. Maine State Retirement contributions are not affected.


P403(b) Plans The RSU sponsors a 403(b) plan in which you may participate.  A 403(b) plan is a tax sheltered annuity.  A “TSA” permits you to accumulate money on a highly tax favored basis, to supplement your MEPERS retirement and/or Social Security Benefits.  The law permits TSA contributions to be placed in a fixed dollar annuity, a variable annuity, or a custodial account. Generally speaking, fixed and variable annuities are offered by life insurance companies, while custodial accounts are sponsored by mutual fund organizations.  We have an approved list of 403(b) vendors from which you may choose.  You may enroll in a 403(b) plan at your convenience, throughout the year.  We are currently finishing up final discussions and paperwork to provide an exciting new 403B plan called “Horace Mann Retirement Advantage”, with a diverse selection of mutual fund offerings, including Vanguard, T. Rowe Price, American Funds, Franklin Templeton, and many more.  Contact Joe Defranco at or (207) 941-2121 for further details.  Joe and Russell Broad from VALIC are scheduled to be available at all of our benefit enrollment sessions.  Pop in to see them for valuable information regarding 403(b)’s.



We are excited to announce the addition of AFLAC to the RSU’s value added benefit package!  Join me at an open enrollment session to learn more about enrolling in an individual policy(ies) for short term disability insurance, accident insurance, cancer insurance, and more.  As an educational facility, staff at RSU 24 automatically receives an “A+” rating, which equates to lowest premiums offered!  Aflac representatives will be available at all of the sessions.  If you cannot make a session, please feel free to contact Randy LaHaye or Michael Fitch at (207) 907-2046 or via email to or


PHorace Mann Auto Insurance

Contact Horace Mann Rep. Joe DeFranco via e-mail at or (207) 941-2121 by telephone, for an auto insurance quote.  Rates are very competitive!  Your monthly premiums may be deducted from your paychecks.  Deductions are taken the first two payrolls of each month.


PLiberty Mutual

Contact Jenny Schnedler via email at or (207) 947-7326, Ext 52023, for a guaranteed life, auto, renters insurance, or home insurance quote, with optional payroll deductions taken the first two payrolls of the month. Jenny will be attending all of our benefit enrollment sessions.


PDown East Family YMCA

Payroll deductions are available for “Y” memberships.  Monthly rates are as follows:

Youth      $14                                                      Young Adult (up to age 23)                            $34
2 Youth   $28                                                      One Parent Family                                          $44
Adult       $42                                                      Senior (62 and older)                                     $34
Family      $53                                                     Senior Couple                                                  $43

Deductions are taken the first two payrolls of the month.  Contact the “Y” directly at 667-3086 to enroll and complete membership documents.


PTax withholding Forms

You may change your Federal and/or Maine State tax withholding status at any time throughout the year, by completing the applicable W4 Form(s).  Did you know that your current tax withholding status is printed on your bi-weekly pay stub?


PInformational Sessions

We will be holding Benefit Open Enrollment sessions across the district.  The format will be an open, informal one, where we will present information on benefits and answer your questions in group and 1:1 settings.  All employees are invited to attend one or more of these meetings.


June 1st -Sumner Memorial H.S., 230-430 pm          June 5th- Peninsula Consolidated School, 230-430 pm

June 6th-Mountain View School, 230-430 pm           June 7th- Ella Lewis School, 230-430 pm

June 8th-Cave Hill School, 230-430 pm                      June 15th-District Services Facility, 830 am-4 pm     


Forms are due back to the RSU 24 Payroll/Human Resources Office no later than June 16th.  There is one form that requires annual completion by all benefit-eligible employees: The “2017-2018 Benefits Open Enrollment Checklist”.  Something new this year, is the form is a “Google Form”!  You will receive an email invitation to complete the form online.  Each section of the form will include multiple choices or checkboxes, instructions, and links to the forms you may need to complete to make changes to your current benefit elections.  Follow the links to the forms, download & save the forms.  Once completed, you may electronically sign (all but one, the flexible spending account form must be printed and hand-signed) them and attach them to an email to me or print them and send them to me at the DSF through interoffice mail.  Benefit information and forms will be available at each open enrollment session, soon to be on the website in the Human Resources/Payroll Department page, and at the District Services Facility.


Questions?   You may reach me at 422-2017 extension 107or via email at


Thank you so much,



Janet R. Jordan

Human Resources Manager





RSU 24 Staff Wellness

Apple stethescope

Congratulations to Barbara Bricker, Peninsula Consolidated School Teacher, "Take 5 for Blood Pressure " Grand Prize Winner of a $100 Amazon Gift Card.  


Weekly winners were Elizabeth Graham, Special Education Teacher, and Meghan Scott, Educational Technician III, at Ella Lewis School and Ginny Dennison, District Technology Integrator.  


 I am very pleased that so many of you participated in this "first-ever" wellness challenge. We had 76 participants in total across all locations, with 56 participants logging for all four weeks. I hope that you may have learned something about your blood pressure and that you report your results to your physician.  Thank you for participating.  I promised to deliver a healthy snack to the location with the highest percentage of participants.  The numbers are so close, that I've decided to treat three locations:  Adult Education, District Services Facility, and Peninsula Consolidated School.  Look forward to another staff wellness challenge in the spring.


-Janet Jordan, RSU 24 HR Manager and MEABT Health Ambassador


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