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Proficiency-Based Education
Gallery of Resources
We hope you find this gallery of articles, images, videos, and resources helpful in further understanding the philosophies and practices as documented by schools making the shift across the country to:
  • Proficiency-Based Education,
  • Mastery-Based Education,
  • Competency-Based Education, and
  • Standards-Based Education
PBE Video Resources - 
How Does Mastery Transform School For Students & Teachers?
(Featuring The Young Women's Leadership School of Astoria)
Let's Teach For Mastery & Not For Test Scores
Redo's, Re-Takes, and Do-Overs
Standards-Based Grading & The Game of School: Craig Messerman
 Standards-Based Grading Overview

Why Make the Shift to Mastery-Based Learning?
(Featuring KAPPA International HS & Urban Assembly Maker Academy)
 Why Standards-Based? Why Now?
Educational Transformation Video Resources - 
 Changing Education Paradigms
The Future of Learning
Shawn Cornally - The Future of Education Without Coercion
What is 21st Century Education?
Additional PBE Articles - 
Boccella, K. (2016). More top high schools drop out of class-rank system.
Marzano, R., & Heflebower, T. (2011). Grades that show what students know.
Munoz, M. A., & Guskey, T. (2015). Standards-based grading and reporting will improve education.
Sturgis, C. (2016). 5 reasons why competency education can lead us to improved quality and more equity.