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Welcome to Knowlton's Notes

    People often ask me, "Where did you find that resource?", or, "How do you find the time to find about all this stuff?"  I usually answer that I am fortunate that my hobby is so closely related to my profession.  
Technology has been my hobby for quite a few years.  And, as with most people, one always finds time for ones hobby.  There is always something new happening.  So, go ahead and check MY LINKS at the right and below this biography.

    One of the great things about my job is that I get to work with teachers and students in all of the RSU schools and offices.  The variety of activities I  get to participate in helps keep me up-to-date and in touch with classrooms.

I  am available during the school day and after school to meet with teachers and staff about any technology ideas, lessons, or projects you are integrating.

All of the district supported programs have a common element. They are being utilized by caring, professional teachers to better the education
of their students.

  • I have a BS in Middle Level Education ~ Language Arts
  • I have a masters degree in Instructional Technology
  • I have been a certified teacher for about 32 years.
  • I have been involved with daily use of technology in the classroom for almost half of those years.
  • Since becoming an RSU 24 technology integrator I have helped support teachers in the use of all sorts of gadgets and programs:
  • MLTI ~ 1 to 1 Initiative
  • Google Apps
  • Edmodo
  • Document cameras
  • Noteshare
  • YouTube
  • Eno and SMART boards
  • Lexia
  • Video and still cameras
  • iPads
  • Distance Learning ~ Tandberg

    Let’s work together soon!


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Ed.TED Lessons Worth Sharing

An introduction to TED's website that allows teachers to create lessons online.


From their site:


There is a lot of video on YouTube. To give you an idea of how fast it is growing in two days of uploads it would take more than a decade to view all the video. YouTube also boasts over 700,000 educational videos in its EDU channel. From a learning standpoint we estimate there is more knowledge on YouTube than has ever been in one location in human history.

While this leads to a lot of opportunity it can also be very overwhelming.

We made creating a class on Teachem so simple it only take 30 seconds to get started. We also took it one step further than just creating a class. First you create a school. Call it the School of Entrepreneurship. Then you can create as many classes as you want in that school by adding time-stamped flashcards and review questions to the videos.

We believe teachem can do the same for teaching as blogging did for publishing. That is open it up to the masses. Unlike other online learning platforms you are not primarily creating a class for a main catalog, but instead for your own school.