Remote Learning Resources For Parents

Welcome Parents & Guardians!
As RSU 24 works through it's Remote Learning work due to the COVID-19 virus, we have developed this page to provide helpful documents and links to support parents/guardians with at home learning.  If you have any ideas or suggestions about further items to post on this page, please email the RSU 24 Curriculum Director, Nicole Chan, at [email protected] .
RSU 24 Remote Learning Schedules:
Attached are the Remote Learning Schedules that all RSU 24 schools and teachers are utilizing through our closure.  We have developed a 10 day rotation, and will circle back to "day 1" and repeat for as long as needed.
Tips and Reminders About Learning Outside of School: 
Some helpful tips to support a positive remote learning experience for you and your student(s):
  • Create a daily routine and try to stick to it as best as you can.  Even if your learning routine doesn't start at 8am, for example, try to keep whatever schedule works for your home situation and stick to it.  Research shows over and over again that young and adolescent learners thrive while having a routine.
  • If you can, prepare a workspace for your student(s) so they can keep their learning materials and supplies in order.  A designated workspace will make your student feel more like they are in a school environment (and will help with routines...see above).
  • Create shared agreements together as children and adults.  Who will be responsible for what? Who will be accountable for what? What happens if someone needs help or gets frustrated? How many breaks can be taken? Etc.
  • Get outside! Take breaks! This will help everyone give their mind a rest, and provide some much needed fresh air. 
  • Take care of technology/devices.  Please do not allow food and drinks around the district-owned device that has been sent home with your student.  Also, please remember that school-issued devices are to be utilized for learning purposes only, and shouldn't be used for personal gaming, etc..
  • Create a routine of charging devices (maybe at night?) so they are ready to be utilized without hassle for students during their remote learning experience.
  • If possible, stay connected. Check out your school Facebook page for frequent updates and shares about the remote learning process for our students and staff.  Physical separation and isolation does not need to be social isolation! :)
Helpful Program Guides and Tip Sheets:
Moby Max Logo Tip Sheet - Click Here: Using Moby Max From Home
Google Classroom Image Tip Sheet - Click Here: A Parent's Guide to Google Classroom