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FY 19 Budget Documents





Work on the RSU 24 school year 2019-20 proposed budget has been underway since October 2017 with the release of new budget procedures and the issuance of bids for 2019-20 school supply purchases.  The Finance & Budget Committee met in December to consider the Budget Development schedule and calendar which was finalized at its February meeting.  School staff began submitting budget requests starting December 1 and did so in earnest right up until the deadline for submission ended on January 16.


The Budget & Finance Committee is holding a series of Budget Workshops beginning in February and ending as late as mid- April if need be.   All Budget Workshops are held at 6:30 P.M. at the RSU 24 District Services Facility, 2165 US Highway 1 in Sullivan. The tentative schedule of workshops is as follows:


                        February 28: Elementary and Secondary School Budgets

                        March 21: District-Wide Program Budgets

                        March 28: District Administration and Support Services Budgets

                        April 11: Finance & Budget Committee Meeting

                                    Final Budget Adjustments and Recommendations                   


The full RSU 24 Board of Directors will adopt a final budget when it meets on May 1st.  School officials will meet with local officials and the public at Selectman meetings and at public forums through April and May to discuss the budget and answer questions.


Voters will have the opportunity to ask questions and cast votes on the budget articles at the District Budget Meeting to be held on Wednesday, May 30 in the gymnasium at Sumner Memorial High School at 6:30 P.M. Following a presentation on the budget, citizens will be invited to vote on each warrant article. The final budget will be set at this meeting.  A Budget Validation Referendum will be held at the time of the state and local election scheduled for Tuesday, June 12th at polling places in each town.


If you a have questions regarding the RSU 24 budget please feel free to contact Superintendent Michael Eastman or Business Manager David Bridgham at 422-2017. You may also contact us by e-mail at